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Paper Tube Machine

SUNLIGHT now offers you the quality paper tube machine for sale. Our company is a successful manufacturers and supplier, providing you with excellent service and competitive price. Expecting to become your long-term partner in China.
Paper tuber machine is the machine and equipment for the production of paper tubes. The paper tubes produced are used in various industries, such as chemical fiber industry tubes, film industry tubes, printing industry tubes, paper industry tubes, leather industry tubes, food packaging tubes, construction industry tubes, exhibition industry tubes, etc.
1. It adopt micro-computer for length setting, precise cut effect; touch screen to adjust data, more convenient;
2. Cardboard Tube Cutting Machine No need to adjust knives distance, because only one knife. What you do is just put in data you required on touch-screen; save time, and avoid tube waste caused by the imprecise manual knives –adjusting work;
3. When cut knife is partly broken, it can continue for cutting, just loose it and turn an angle then fasten it; Prolong knife using life;
4. Tube rotating but mandrel does not rotating. Reduce damage to knife and mandrel, prolong using life; If mandrel also rotating when cutting, it will form a circle line on mandrel; if mandrel is fixed, it only cause a cutting point on mandrel;