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Plastic Bag Making Machine

SUNLIGHT now offers you the quality plastic bag making machine for sale. Our company is a successful manufacturers and supplier, providing you with excellent service and competitive price. Expecting to become your long-term partner in China.
Plastic bag making machine is used to make plastic bags, plastic bags of the composition is not only a simple matter, it also needs the participation of many raw materials, such as synthetic resin, filling agent, plasticizer, stabilizer, stain, etc., in which synthetic resin is the main ingredient, can account for about forty percent to about one hundred percent. These different materials need to be made into the final plastic bag, the most important step is the participation of the plastic bag making machine.
A plastic bag making machine is mainly composed of: material storage device, stepping device, frequency conversion device, bag device, heat sealing cutter and control device. The main feature is that the material storage device stores the corresponding amount of raw materials.
There is also a very complicated system in the plastic bag making machine, which is the cutting system. This system is composed of four parts, including the cutter, the length regulator and so on. The cutter is naturally the most important part, its working principle is the use of a sliding guide, there is a spring to adjust and float, and one of the oil can be adjusted by a screw, through its adjustment to adjust the knife to a degree of tightness, a good solution to the difficult cutting condition.
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